Why Us?

Why Us?

Why LifeSupportMedical? Because we save lives.

Electronic Caregiver Plus SystemThe Electronic Caregiver provides immediate, same-day activation of a brand new, professional, high-grade medical alert system with an array of optional accessory devices. In nearly all cases, an entire residence can be protected without involving professional installers, without complicated manuals, all in five minutes or less. The set-up of professional security with emergency response has been made “fast and simple”. When a technician is needed, we rely on a network of existing security technology sub-contractors available nationwide to provide support. The service provides immediate connections to special EMT-trained operators using in-home, two-way communication with critical data forwarding to doctors.

Electronic Caregiver uses an innovative mix of product provisioning and customization, supply chain management, unique subscriber activation procedures, a mix of automated and manned customer service applications, state-of-the-art and fully integrated emergency response methods, and an effective dealer recruitment structure with an attractive compensation program.
lasershield-instant-medium-packageLaserShield is a well known national brand of plug-n’-go security systems that protect against burglary intrusion. LaserShield can be marketed to individual prospects who are in the caregiving network surrounding each Electronic Caregiver account, who as younger, healthy individuals have property-security concerns, leading to the later years where they require additional health-related security services. LaserShield was invented and designed by LifeSupport Medical CEO Anthony Dohrmann and provides the only “same day” professional grade, monitored security solution available. This is an attractive solution for over 3 million U.S. burglary victims each year.
lasershield-pro-starter-security-systemLaserShield PRO is an upscale cost-effective security solution for renters, owners and small businesses that need added protection. The system is portable and expandable so when trading up into a larger property, LaserShield grows with you. This system can be converted and built upon to protect virtually any size home with modular add-ons such as remote video viewing, fire protection and more!
Physician-On-Demand with TelaMed+
Imagine, unlimited 24/7 access to doctors and other industry professionals from the comfort and convenience of your phone or computer. With The ECG Caregiver+ System, TELAMED+ is included! Imagine a world without medical center waiting rooms. With doctors sometimes taking weeks to fit you in for an appointment, frustrating time in the waiting room, arranging transportation, taking time off work, the stress to treat common medical conditions can be unbearable and inconvenient. You’ll now have 24/7 on-demand healthcare! Need assistance at 2 a.m.? Need assistance while traveling? Can’t take time off work? We’ve got you covered! You’ll have access to state licensed, USA located, NCOA-certified physicians in all 50 states!

Common non-emergency medical conditions treated include: cold/flu, sinus infections, eye/ear infections, bronchitis, allergies, headaches, stomach ache/diarrhea, rash/skin irritations, OBGYN, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, pediatrics and more! Your ECG Caregiver+ service will include all these services and cover up to 6 family members!

In addition to your 24/7 access to physicians, you can save up to 50% on a wide range of services from over 60,000 providers nationwide. Includes doctor visits, dental, vision, surgical centers, MRI & imaging, lab, prescription drugs, hearing, diabetic care services, vitamins, daily living products, and cash back rewards!
ECG Health Advocacy
Advocates brings together the talents of doctors, nurses, lawyers, insurance specialists, social workers and ethics professionals to make sure The Electronic Caregiver Company’s clients receive the best healthcare possible. Working as a team, advocating professionals see to it that your health insurance works the way it’s supposed to. Advocates work closely with you and your healthcare insurance company to resolve issues quickly. What’s more, you’ll be able to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience.
NMSU_logo_gifClinical Research with NMSU
The Electronic Caregiver Company is working with New Mexico State University’s Department of Human Performance, Dance and Recreation (“NMSU”), for joint development of a mobile 3-D Motion Capture Fall Risk Assessment Laboratory. The parties have already constructed a brand new Activities of Daily Living Laboratory. Both of these academic research projects were created by LifeSupport Medical Board Member Dr. Bob Wood, a nationally renowned kinesiologist and NMSU’s Human Performance Department head. By coupling technology with cutting-edge fall-prevention research, SDS is working toward commercializing new preventive injury and mortality strategies, processes and activities to strengthen the offering of the company and improve the wellbeing, independence and longevity of its customers.


Mobile Fall Prevention Laboratory
In collaboration with NMSU, The Electronic Caregiver Company has purchased, constructed and deployed a state-of-the-art mobile fall assessment and injury prevention laboratory. The laboratory is mobilized using a 24 ft. branded transportation trailer. The laboratory incorporates 3-D motion-capture imaging technology with over 12 advanced cameras and advanced computing automation. The lab also includes a 7 ft. innovative gait analysis pad embedded with over 11,000 high-tech pressure sensors. No comparable mobile lab exists in America. The system is capable of assessing musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, and can accurately measure and predict a person’s propensity to suffer a fall injury. The lab can identify signs of a hemiplegic stroke or the onset of Parkinson Disease. Our company has entered into a clinical research partnership at the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at the Barrow Neurological Institute. Together we will monitor various forms of intervention and numerous anticipated deliverables including patient consumables, best practices and diagnostic tools.

The mobile laboratory is predicted to be influential with the national media, as well as providing a valuable tool to open doors for developing key channel partners nationwide including hospitals, physical therapy and rehab partnerships, and large orthopedic-[practice partners. Because free and often life-saving screenings are provided and demonstrated before the local and national medical, the Company anticipates millions of supplemental revenue derived from annual national brand exposure and development by showcasing the effectiveness and goodwill of our Company. Data from individual senior and patient profiles are consistently transmitted to the New Mexico State University to support ongoing research and development, resulting in life-improving products that can benefit LifeSupport Medical in the future. The mobile lab produces a broader range of patient and senior demographics across a wider spectrum of environments and cultural diversities than ever before. By repeating screenings over several years, more information can be disseminated regarding the impact of aging and definable circumstances on fall-related injuries and deaths.

Rapid_ResponseRapid Response Monitoring Service
LifeSuppportMedical has partnered with Rapid Response Monitoring Service (RRMS) to provide Emergency Response. Systems service infrastructure is plumbed into RRMS’ automated, IVR and live-operator systems. For nearly 20 years, RRMS has raised the bar and held the dominant position for impeccable, excellent service to alarm subscribers nationwide. Servicing over 1,300 alarm companies and more than 400,000 subscribers, RRMS caters to residential and commercial applications from high-end retail chains, military installations, government, high-rise fire, and residences from single-family homes to celebrity estates. RRMS has a strong balance sheet and is qualified, loyal and capable. RRMS’ capabilities span across medical, intrusion, video surveillance, fire and virtually every type of life-safety and detection device the industry has to offer. With quadruple redundancy, certified by the United States Department of Defense and equipped with an Underwriters Laboratories AAA rating, RRMS is the most advanced and reliable facility in the industry.