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Home Health Builder Program with Anthony Dohrmann

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Transcript Excerpts:

I’m Anthony Dohrmann, I’m the CEO of LifeSupportMedical, the electronic caregiver company. Let’s talk about the home health operator and the in-home senior care provider. Here’s how we help those businesses. We understand business building is tough and we hear a lot about how tough it is for the home health operators across America. And they’ll tell us that they’ll follow up on hundreds or as many as two thousand leads every year to close the limited number of contracts with customers that they close each year.

Now here’s one of the ways that the electronic caregiver program can really help these providers. When we work so hard to obtain a customer, the last thing we want is to get a phone call and find out that the customer we worked so hard to get is on their way to a cemetery and they won’t be coming back or that they’re going to finish the rest of their life inside of a nursing home. That’s not good for the customer and it’s not good for business. And there’s a lot that can be done if we can expedite treatment and provide the electronic supervision when the live caregiver’s not on location. And we can expedite treatment, we can respond to critical emergencies, and we can provide a safety net underneath the home health business. And we actually pay the home health operator to let us help them keep a client from ending up in a cemetery. That’s what it’s really all about. It’s can we provide greater supervision, can we expedite support in the absence of a live caregiver when there’s a crisis or an emergency. Can we continue to support treatment plan compliance and medication reminders so that when the live caregiver is absent, the electronic caregiver takes over and that is a very effective program. We strengthen your business and we add a line of revenue. So you become more stable and more profitable overall. Now that’s one way that we help.

But let’s focus on the core of what we get reported across America. The core customer segment—the core clientele is typically a customer that signs for our service for 3-5 months, that’s what we’re being told. It’s after a medical event or some kind of procedure where you’re in that rehabilitation period. So imagine this now, imagine that you place the contract, you close the business, you use the ECG to close more business—the electronic caregiver. And then you experience and discover what so many other home health professionals have learned and that is when you have a customer three months, four months, five months who then discontinues service. You will find that 80% of those or more that have an electronic caregiver that have come to rely on the live caregiver and the support of the electronic caregiver, at the moment it’s time to say goodbye to the live caregiver it’s too much distress, too much of a loss of peace of mind, to both let the live caregiver and the electronic caregiver go at the same time. And you know what happens? You end up with customers that keep their electronic caregiver providing you rivers and rivers of revenue for years to come from people who discontinued your core service a year or two years or three years ago. It strengthens your business, it boosts profitability, it makes you more stable, more consistent and it’s a tremendous value and it’s really a remarkable difference.

And then finally this is one of the great, great, great ultimate benefits that you don’t always see right away. But the electronic caregiver program for all the reasons listed, gets people talking. It gets them talking. When the live caregiver is gone, people—when you’re washing hair or preparing meals or helping people get dressed and you’re right there, standing over them providing support. That’s not when the accidents happen and the injuries happen. That’s not when your business is at risk. It’s when the live caregiver is gone, it’s in their absence when they’re visiting another patient. And so we take care of that risk period and you know what happens with these clients that are on the electronic caregiver, is they have strokes and heart attacks and cuts and head injuries and all kinds of problems. Vertigo, vomiting, chest pains, their blood sugar’s crashing, they’re slipping into a diabetic coma and we’re dispatching help over and over and over again and the family members call you with gratitude in tears. And they share with the rest of the friends and family how fortunate and what a blessing it was that you brought them the electronic caregiver and you’re getting the credit. You’re getting all the credit for having saved that life with the introduction of the electronic caregiver. It was a solution you brought to them and that ripples through your community, ripples through those networks, and it generates referrals like nobody else’s business.