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Mobile Fall Risk Assessment Unit presented by Electronic Caregiver

NEW Technology Coming to Cities Nationwide,
Saving Seniors from Injury and Death!

Bryan J. Chasko
Chief Technology Officer
(575) 208-2363

CARLSBAD, C.A. – For loved ones 65 and older, the #1 cause of accidental death, as well as the #1 cause of traumatic brain injury and loss of independence, is falls. One-third of all people 65-80 will fall each year and half of people 80 and older will fall each year. What many family members don’t know is that falls can often be predicted and prevented! The Electronic Caregiver Company, in partnership with New Mexico State University, home of the nations most advanced fall assessment and prevention laboratory, is bringing their state-of-the-art, 3D mobile fall assessment laboratory to San Diego!

For six days in February, The Electronic Caregiver is hosting their laboratory and technical team to provide FREE fall screenings to San Diego seniors. Seniors will be assessed by world-class experts and technologies. Each screening is non-evasive and incorporates an array of 3D imaging cameras, pressure walkway containing 11,000 micro sensors, multi-point biomarkers, Google Glass and a proprietary falls risk screening instrument (CFRSI) software application.

In approximately 20 minutes a consultative report is provided to each senior participant, demonstrating their fall risk score and an explanation of their personal gait deficits and anomalies that can lead to pain, injury and catastrophic falls. The report provides suggestions to prevent a fall and is provided to share with a physician, physical therapists, or other recommended professional.

Each participant will receive a FREE fall prevention DVD and a FREE home safety inspection handbook to further improve safety, prevent falls, and promote wellness at home. Seniors can reserve a screening time by calling (760) 405-4951

About The Electronic Caregiver Company

The Electronic Caregiver Company provides home monitoring and health management systems for the aging and ill, nationwide. Their plug n’ go systems provide 24/7 monitoring by certified EMTs who provide early intervention during suspicions of a medical concern, expedited emergency response during actual heart, breathing, diabetic or fall emergencies, inactivity alerts, medication reminders, and detection of environmental dangers such as carbon monoxide, gas, fire or flood. Unique to the senior protection industry, the Electronic Caregiver Company invests heavily into education and prevention.

Public outreach efforts by The Electronic Caregiver Company aim to attract seniors towards thinking about the benefits of remaining physically active, mentally stimulated, implementing preventative safety measures, and educating seniors, family caregivers and health professionals about fall risks and preventative techniques.

Electronic Caregiver Company CEO, Anthony Dohrmann said, “Our goals are to extend lifespan and quality of life with prevention, while providing the most comprehensive monitoring solutions to expedite treatment during medical emergencies. By reducing the time of pain, suffering and time to treatment from hours, to mere minutes, we reduce hospitalization, medical complications, loss of cognitive and physical function, and mortalities. It is a fulfilling calling.”

This partnership between NMSU and The Electronic Caregiver Company allows taking a scientific gait analysis process that has previously been only tried in isolated laboratories and placing it into mobilized, mass production. After just one year of events, Electronic Caregiver has amassed the 3rd largest fall-risk data collection in the United States. Electronic Caregiver in-home systems sold nationwide are manufactured by a Carlsbad based company.

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ECG Fall Lab on KFOX El Paso

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