Electronic Caregiver

Electronic Caregiver


The RIGHT Medical Alarm System

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Electronic Caregiver Plus System Our system is unmatched in reliability, performance, quality, redundancy, features, protective coverage, and customer support.

Recommended by neurologists, surgeons, cardiologists, internists, general practitioners, medical centers, pharmacists, and universities. Delivers continual training for customers and their loved ones to prevent emergencies before they happen, and to more effectively respond when they do. Is backed by a company that exceeds expectations, listens to its customers, never raises rates, and is sensitive to special needs.

Has 24/7 self-diagnostics, regularly reporting test signals to the emergency response facility. This ensures that when you need your medical alarm to work, it does. Knows the customer is either aging or has an illness, or impairment. Therefore, they understand the fact of rising health costs and work to minimize them. Includes a supportive service to negotiate and reduce out-of-pocket medical expenses. Offered by a company continually investing heavily into clinical research, deploying mobile laboratories to better support the aging and ill.


  • Incorporates high quality, reliable electronics combined with highly regulated, and well supervised quality assurance programs.
  • Provides preventative strategies and offers a comprehensive approach to extending life, reduce pain and suffering, and preventable mortalities.
  • Deploys multiple features and sensing technologies to alert assistance even if a customer is unconscious and cannot press a button.
  • Reminds of important health tasks such as taking medication, recording heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar or other important treatment plan items.
  • Uses a comfortable wrist pendant that discreetly adds the ability to summon help with a range of 1,000 feet; that is a distance of over 3 football fields! This sleek, fitness-band style design avoids the discomfort of wrapping around the customers neck and avoids posing hazards such as injury to the neck and back, and strangulation.
  • Automatically includes an early-intervention connection for trained professionals to address concerns before situations escalate out of control.
  • Offers other options for customers who will not reliably wear a pendant while adding extra 1-touch emergency response protection for customers who do.
  • Is pre-programmed to notify a responsible party if the temperature in the home exceeds 100 degrees or falls below 40 degrees.



  • Includes certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) trained to intervene during the special circumstances involving aging or chronically ill customers.
  • EMT operators stay on the line, to advise the customer until first-responder help is kneeling at their side.
  • Expedites response so customers in need receive faster treatment, attention, comfort and support for recovery.
  • Offers a dual-watch inactivity sensor that looks for motion twice a day. Once between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. and again between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. These are common periods where unfortunate incidents occur. The sensor checks to make sure that someone is moving about the home at strategic times, yet fully allows independent living and travel.
  • Offers medication reminders as an optional feature for FREE. The RIGHT system can be programmed to electronically remind you 24/7 to keep on schedule with medications, or to check blood sugar, blood pressure or other health maintenance activity.