Corporate Entities

Corporate Entities



America’s Trusted Security System

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Credible protection for over 15 years. We have thousands of customers across all 50 states. There are no hidden repair charges, no increases to service fees. We offer incredibly considerate, and attentive customer service. We are there when our customers need us.


LaserShield Instant Security System



LaserShield PROQ10 Security System



The RIGHT Medical Alarm System

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Electronic Caregiver PLUS System

Electronic Caregiver Plus System

Stay On The Line Service

    Electronic Caregiver provides stay-on-the-line medical alert service via two-way communication speakers on The Electronic Caregiver’s high-quality master control console. Following an alarm, our EMT operators stay on the line, advising you until first-responder help is kneeling at your side.

Discreet Wrist-Worn Pendant

    A fitness band style, submersible, emergency wrist alarm pendant. This dedicated early intervention link signals an alert to catch escalating conditions before they spiral out of control.

Dual-Watch Inactivity Sensor

    The “ultimate safety net” looks for motion twice a day. Once between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. and again between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. These are common periods where unfortunate incidents occur. The sensor checks to make sure that someone is moving about the home at strategic times, alerting loved ones if there is no movement detected, while still fully allowing independent living and travel.

EMT Operators

    Each operator is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician. They have been trained in anatomy, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, airway management, diabetes, allergies, pharmacology and oxygen equipment. They are experts in patient assessment and communications during emergencies including obstetrical and traumatic injuries. Our operators are experts with both adult and pediatric patients, and know what to do in case of injuries to the neck, head, abdomen and spine as well as patient extraction.
    During an emergency, our EMT operators interact with you to keep your distress down and confidence up. Operators will notify EMS services for your response, alert responders about your preferred hospital, notify friends, family or responsible parties.

Medication Management

    Keeping track of all the medications currently in use. Set reminder times when setting up your system and you’ll receive gentle chimes reminding you that it’s time. Going out of town? At the touch of one button you can set your system to “away.”